Both the game team and players have great expectations for performing POE in the second half of the year

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GGG allows players to see their hard work attitude towards new POE content. The Harvest League, which has lasted for two months, is almost over. Players are using its unique mechanism to generate income for themselves, such as POE Currency or POE Orbs.

Because they have spent 14 weeks developing the Harvest League before. Under normal circumstances, the development cycle of a league is thirteen weeks. But this year, because of COVID-19, the development team had to shelve a lot of work. It requires them to control the development time of the remaining two leagues to ensure that players can provide the freshest game experience in time. The team plans to launch their September 3.12 expansion within 12 weeks after the recently released Harvest. This means that the December expansion may begin earlier. However, given the uncertainty of the current world, this situation may change.

The development team is also gearing up to release a Mac-compatible POE version next month. The Mac version requires the PC version of Vulkan. It also provides inspiration for creators when creating POE 2. Gamers were expecting the beta POE 2 not to release this year, but we’ve been working to ensure that each of the new leagues arrives as soon as possible. There is plenty of time for other things this year. It also optimizes the technical aspects of the POE client to further enhance the player experience.

They have great expectations for 2021. Although it was too difficult for them to develop Harvest at home during the epidemic, the ultimate results were very impressive. They are confident that they can continue to provide players with more innovative leagues. Faced with the emergence of more and more new content, players are best to go to reliable agents to Buy POE Orbs and POE Items to prepare themselves.