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We can not even expect people to follow science at a pandemic, do we think people will actually buckle down and Mut 21 Coins out a year of madden to try and force some change for the better? I will not be buying but I don't have any hope for any change predicated on we the couple boycotting. I mean there will always be kids/teens and casual gamers that buy it just because of the NFL license. Trying to get people not to purchase Madden (insert year here) reminds me of absurd things like people trying to convince others to not buy gasoline on one particular moment.

Petrol prices 12, as though that would cause oil companies to slash. Sure they can survive a year with no playing or spending on MUT but when enough people do it, they would certainly change. It is why we are where we are, we still allow them to give us a shitty product and keep telling them it is fine with our wallets. That's the one thing they care for.

Everyone blames mut but the same individuals will be playing madden 21 one way or the other about yall not perform Madden 21 for annually. When it goes on sale, dont get it, dont get it if its free, dont receive it. They have nothing When there is no player foundation. But yall are dillusional saying stuff like so and so gave it to me so thats the way im playing with it. NO cease making excuses just quit playing if you are bored with their shit. You got 30+ yo men yelling in their franchise when its them that perform the shit year after year telling ea its fine. Mut and microtransaction sucks but its not the entire reason y we get shit for a soccer match year after year.take some responsibility for playing each year. If your fav game do you but stop lying to everyone about it penalizing microtranactions when u still play.

If 2k were not making an arcade game in the not too distant future, EA would feel zero pressure in attempting to incorporate a game style such as"The Yard" at Madden. Hopefully"The Yard" is as entertaining as it sounds, but understanding EA, I'll have to wait and see it for myself. This could very easily become a different"Pay-to-win" sport mode, but for the moment I am trying to stay optimistic. Superstar KO was the arcade-style manner in reaction to 2K's arcade title. The Yard and FOTF is EA's response to people complaining Madden has never had a style like 2K's MyCareer or Park.

For people who never played with 2k, can you explain what we'll do in the yard? I read that we are able to improve our guys that are created but maddens superstar mode has a finish right? I believed 2k's didn't? FOTF includes a storyline like MyCareer. You simply play your games season after season such as in MyCareer, When the storyline ends. When you retire both modes end. The Yard is basically Park or World of CHEL. A sport mode where Buy Madden 21 Coins your user created characters play against each other and can team up. Just doesn't make sense since you can't create players? I am presuming your player will be able to play either side of the ball at The Yard. Exactly how like when you play with a 7 on 7 or backyard football with your buddies, you have to play both offense and defense.